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All About myHealth Platform

Improvement of private health control through targeted connection with the right health partner on demand and treatment  inside the myHealt Platform CareCircle using med-tech devices and smart wearbales to measure relevant vital data.

30+ years of organically grown network with the leading players in the healthcare sectors | Marketing platform for remote health system providers, general practitioners, clinics, med-tech players and pharmaceuticals as well as an unique revenue model so the app can be free for our useres.

Recording vital signs for relevant common diseases as well rewarding our useres for activly using the app by chargebacks in our eCommerce shop: blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, sleep monitoring, pulse and ECG, women health / sexual health, mental health, more tba.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

eHealth Solution

Video consultancy, e-Prescription, online doctors appointment and medication journaling are our options for your convenience.

Your Health Vault

Our goal is to enable you to contact a health care professional any time any where in the world with all your data at hand.

Marketing Platform

Make the most out of your marketing budget. Find targeted traffic interested in your new development or study findings.

Targeted Audience

Do you want to support your field workers – the “myHealth Platform” content network is a efficient solution for you to target the patients directly.


Offer your (OTC) preparations or med tec devices directly to useres with the best product fit selected by our myHP algorythm.

Best Quality

Our “myHealth Platform” algorythm anayses relevant data and habits of the user to find the best product fit backed by sience.

Easy Scalable

As a digital product, the business model is highly scalable and we are constantly working to implement more great features.

Highly Flexable

With each update we’ll implement more waerables and sensors to measure your health data. If you want your favorite device to be integrated feel free to contact us.

Data Security

Your data belongs to you - We only store data you allow us to. We promise to not sell any data any time. Your data is safe with us.

Your Data is Save

We only store data on dedicted server in data center located in Switzerland – All data will be encrypted. Only you decide what you share.


Our network only consists of constantly monitored and quality checke independent partners from all areas of medicine branche .

No Conflict of Interest

In our “myHealth Platform” netork you will find only the most experienced practicioners ready to take care of your health issue.

Your Holistic Health Hub

Live Health Data Anywhere

Sinus OK

Your vital data is constantly reviewed against WHO and peer standards. You decide whcih data will be shared with your health contacts or doctors. In case your data is off we immediately suggest help inside our quality assured “myHealthPlatform CareCircle”. If our systems noticed an emergency your emergency contacts are informed by push notification. Further more you can offer your emergency contacts to request a health summary on demandy by text.

myHealth Platform CareCircle

myHealth Platform CareCircle

The “myHealth Platform CareCircle” is designed to keep the user in the best possible ecosystem for her/his health treatment. We offer a great tool to satisfy the user and generate revenue:

  • Video Call / Call in to any treatment specialist we recommend

  • e-Prescription – Organise your prescriptions and benefit from chargbacks

  • Organise your doctor appointment online and get reminders

  • Keep track of your medication with a e-mediplan

  • Influence the where it matters with the myHP content network

  • Sell your healthcare product through myHP eCommerce marketplace

  • Brows our myHP quality assured network of practitioners

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Who Are We

What keeps us moving

Improvement of private health control through targeted connection with the right health partner on demand and treatment inside the myHealt Platform CareCircle

A cooperation between blue-green AG that is running a successfull pneumological doctor‘s office in Lucern and AdFinity GmbH that is running a successfull eCommerce and Development company in Obwalden with a combined revenue of aprox. CHF 3 Million

Skills We Use

Functioning Beta Version 100%
New modern Design 79%
User Interface 71%
Web App B2B 39%

Team Members

Dr. med Mike Bucher

Founding CEO and Pulmonologist „Lungenpraxis Pilatus Luzern“

Prof. Dr. Felix Herth

Chief Physician Pneumology & Respiratory Medicine Heidelberg University Hospital and Board of Advisors

Prof. Dr. Daiana Stolz

Medical Director of the Clinic for Pneumology at the University Hospital Freiburg and Board of Advisors

Prof. Dr. Peter Radke

Medical Director „Schön Klinik Neustadt“ and Chief Physician Clinic Internal Medicine & Cardiology

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